What is Mental Toughness?

What is Mental Toughness? New Mindset = New Results

Our mission is simple: to help YOU Build Mental Toughness.

Why would someone want to build mental toughness? There are a number of reasons:  to improve performance, decrease stress, increase emotional stability, overcome fear, and shatter personal limits.

We live in a high pressure world, that demands excellence and great performances every single day. To keep up with these demands we focus on proper nutrition, and improving our physical health. However, mental skills training is just a blip in the full training schedule! It’s something most coaches and performers talk about, but spend very little time working on. Thats where we come in… we are here to provide tips, techniques, personal experiences and stories that will teach you how to build a Tough Mind. So, what exactly is “Mental Toughness?”

There are many definitions and explanations regarding the topic of Mental Toughness, we prefer to label it as this:

An ability to overcome adversity and persevere through difficult and challenging situations or circumstances, to remain focused on the process.

Similar to Mental Toughness, is Mental Resilience – which is the ability to bounce back from adversity. No matter the sport, or job, or the role you take in this life, adversity will come your way and the need to be mentally strong and stay focused is something that can never be overlooked. Having a rock solid mindset, being agile and adaptable, and maintaining focus on the mission is what separates the champions from the challengers.

Whether you are:

  • On the golf course with friends, playing for bragging rights.
  • In the middle of a 112 mile bike, with a 26.2 mile run to follow.
  • At a board room meeting, or delivering a presentation to colleagues.
  • Or the home stretch of the Belmont Stakes to win the Triple Crown.
  • Perhaps it is running towards a building that is engulfed in flames – to save the people inside.
  • Or staying calm when the landing gear on the plane malfunctions, and you need to successfully land the plane with 150 people on board.

Wherever you are in life, or whatever you are doing – at some point you will need to face adversity, and work through obstacles.  The only question is, how will you respond?  You can succumb to the pressure, allowing a weak mindset to convince you that it’s ok to stop. Or, you can take control of your thoughts, take a deep breath, and continue to grind while remaining mentally tough and focused on your goals.

Every situation we face presents these same two options,  it’s only through failure and adversity that we can truly grasp the concept of mental toughness. Overcoming adversity helps us to build confidence, and learn about ourselves. As we continue to grow, one area of focus must be our habits, both mentally and physically. I was listening to a podcast the other day, and heard a comment about Olympic Great Michael Phelps, and his mental preparation habits. Before each race, since the age of 14, he followed the same pre-race routine to get focused. Since he had done this for so many years, it became a habit, and ultimately helped develop his mindset for success.

What routines can you implement into your daily life?

How do you get focused for each day?

Are you aware of your goals and targets?

Do you have a plan of attack?

How do you respond to stressors?

Do you remain strong under pressure?

Think about each of these questions, as they will help you to uncover your current level of mental toughness. The key here is – it is only your CURRENT level, the future is in your control.

Mental Toughness Training Blog

To keep you informed, we will be adding posts, stories, and how-to’s from time to time. Make sure to check out our Mental Toughness Blog, add your thoughts, and experiences, and let us know if you’d like to share – or if there was something you read that had an impact!

Make sure to attack your day, stay positive and focused on your process, and…. own your journey!